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Hi!  I'm Megan!

If you want to grow an online business where your friends still like you, you've come to the right place! 

Back in 2015 I joined my first network marketing company and proceeded to embarrass myself. 


I was the girl posting multiple before and after photos a day, making those "who wants to get paid just for posting on social media??" posts, while adding the most random friends and sending those "hey girl!" generic messages to them all.

I used to think you should post 8 times a day!


About a year in I started making more than I was at my job, quit, and went all in.  1 year later I woke up and realized I didn't know who I was anymore.  I had gotten so caught up in my goals and what everyone else was telling me I HAD to do, that I lost who I was.

I let people become numbers.

I felt sick to my stomach and knew there had to be a better way.  I still loved the network marketing industry, but I couldn't do this anymore.  I knew there had to be a better way.

That's when I found attraction marketing!

It was everything I had been looking for.  It might take a little bit longer, but it was a way that I could just talk about what I love and attract people to me instead of me having to reach out to random strangers to make money.  So I poured myself into learning everything about it that I possibly could. 

I learned how to build a memorable personal brand, create content that makes people connect with you and feel comfortable reaching out to you, and how to organically drive the RIGHT people to my page who were interested in my content!

I started consistently doing live videos in January of 2018!  If I'm being honest, I had just learned coaching was even a thing!  My only goal with the videos was to attract people who might want to join my team.  But then people started calling me a natural teacher and asking me to coach them.

I decided to try it out and asked my coach to teach me how to coach people.  Long story short, I absolutely fell in love with it, and also discovered I'm pretty damn good at it!  I weighed the pros and cons of staying with my company and doing both or just focusing on coaching for quite awhile.  Ultimately I wanted everyone to feel safe referring their team to me without worrying I might recruit them, so I officially resigned from my network marketing company fall of 2018!

If you're familiar with the color personalities, I originally called myself the coach for the non-red network marketer.  I am extremely yellow followed by green and all of my previous leaders had been red.  When I first started looking for a coach to learn attraction marketing, everyone I was finding was also super red.  I actually joined one coaching group and hated it so much it's part of what inspired me to pursue coaching.  I just feel like our brains are wired differently.  It's not wrong or bad, their coaching style just doesn't work for us!  But after learning so much from launching my own coaching business and helping a few of my clients who we realized would be happier starting their own business than staying in network marketing, I realized I didn't want to put myself in the box of only working with network marketers!

I started my free community DINOmite Entrepreneurs in March 1019, and that's when I finally realized my true niche!  If you identify as nerdy, quirky, or just want your business to be more fun, my mission is to empower you to see the magic that can happen when you stop being afraid of being judged and put your REAL self out there!  No matter what anyone else might be telling you, there is no one right way to grow an online business!  

I absolutely love working with network marketers and online service based business owners and helping you grow your business online in a way that feels 100% good and sustainable for you!

I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my boyfriend of 8 years and our corgi Rowlf!  I have a bachelors degree in Pharmaceutical Science and got most of the way through a Masters program before I realized I hated it!  I will happily have a conversation with you that is entirely GIFs and/or memes!  I own more dinosaur print clothing than your average 3 year old boy, and that accidentally resulted in my entire brand being built around dinosaurs!  People always call me a nerd because I love Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Nintendo games!  I love live music and my favorite band is Phish!  People always think I'm 19, but I'm actually 30!  If you need proof that I'm 30, I have an unhealthy love for a grocery store (Aldi).

I can't wait to work with you and show you that you CAN do this and it CAN always be as fun as when you first started!

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