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Accountability Coaching

When 2 different people ask how much you would charge for the same thing within 4 days, you take the hint and create it!


This package is for someone who wants ongoing support and accountability!  Maybe you can't seem to find a consistent rhythm and you're stuck in the cycle of hustle, hustle, hustle, burnout.  Maybe you have no idea what actions you should be taking daily, weekly, monthly.  Maybe you actually know everything you should be doing but can't seem to consistently do it. 

We will have a 30 minute coaching session every other week and you will also have messenger and/or voxer access to me Monday-Friday!  

We will work together to create a personalized DMO (Daily Method of Operation) that moves your business forward without overwhelming you!

We will focus on implementing one new thing at a time so that we can continually assess what is and isn't working for you and adjust!

I love this package because it keeps you accountable and on track all month long instead of scrambling the last few days of the month!  It's like when I took piano lessons as a kid!  It forced me to practice because I didn't want to show up to my next lesson unprepared!

This is an ongoing monthly subscription because I really think we will get you the best results the longer we work together, but there is no contract!  You can cancel any time!

$111 per month! 

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