Social Media Audit

Have you ever wished that I could look through your posts and tell you what you're doing right and what I would do differently?
I'm guessing yes, because I get asked this ALL THE TIME!
I finally decided that it's time to offer this as a service!

I will look back through 1 month of content to get a picture of what you're posting and give you my honest thoughts about what you're doing right and wrong!  If you go live, I can't commit to watching multiple videos for these low prices, but you can choose one video to have me watch as part of the audit if it's an important part of your content strategy!

You can choose to have me audit your profile, page, or group!  Only one account per audit, but you may purchase multiple audits.

There are 2 different options: one includes feedback only that you will receive as voice messages through Facebook messenger or Voxer for $47 and one includes feedback plus the ability to pick my brain and help plan your strategy on a 20 minute zoom session for $97

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