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Know what to post all month long to get your audience ready for your biggest Black Friday ever!


Black Friday is coming FAST!  Do you have a plan?

It's the biggest shopping day of the year and kicks off the holiday shopping season!  It can be an absolutely incredible time for you and your business, or it can be a frustrating time where you don't understand why people aren't taking advantage of your amazing deals.

What you do in the time leading up to Black Friday determines your success as much as what you do on Black Friday itself!

I created content prompts for my membership The Squad for the whole month to set them up for Black Friday success, and I decided to make these prompts available for non-members, too!

There is a prompt for every day this month other than Saturdays, which tend to be a slow day on social media and I wanted to give you a day off!  They are in order, with each one marked with a date to take all of the guesswork out for you!  The prompts will get you talking about what you sell more than you are probably used to, but in a way that won't annoy your friends!  

The goal is to get people interested throughout the month so that when you post your Black Friday deals, you have people who are excited to buy!

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