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Custom Vendor Event and Party Blueprints


Do you spend way too much time writing posts, creating graphics, and taking pictures every time you join a new online vendor event or book a party?  And then sometimes still not see results?

I'm so excited to start offering this service where I will provide you with a blueprint specific to you and your business so you know exactly what to post about whenever you have a new event that will save you a ton of time and actually generate interest!

Something I have realized over my years of coaching is that most people have no idea what to post about in parties or online vendor events!  They spend WAY too much time reinventing the wheel for each event and stressing about what all to include, usually try to cram WAY too much info into one event, and then either end up stressing and overthinking about if they are doing it right or get frustrated when they put in all this work and didn't get the results they were hoping for! 

With these blueprints, my goal is to give you something you can use over and over again for your vendor events and parties.  It will just need a few tweaks and customization each time instead of starting from scratch!  And you can finally feel confident that you are talking about the right things during your events!

Here's how this will work:

You will answer some questions for me either through messenger so that I can understand what you sell and exactly what you are looking for in your template.  The more details you can give me, the better!  And then within a week, I will send your blueprint to you!

  • What do you sell?

  • Do you want a template for online parties or online vendor events?  Tell me about any special requirements, like how many posts or videos you have to do, if you need a giveaway, etc

  • What are your favorite products?

  • What are your best selling products?

  • Do you or your company do any special deals, monthly promotions, etc? 


You also have the option to upgrade to a zoom call with me where we can talk through the questions, I can help you brainstorm your online event strategy, and you can ask me any questions you have about making your events more successful!  You will receive your blueprint within one week of our zoom call!

If you would like to answer the questions via messenger, click here!  Please send me a message after signing up, so I know it's you!  

If you would like to upgrade to the zoom call so we can strategize and I can answer any questions you have about making your events more effective, click here!  Please send me a message after signing up so we can get your zoom scheduled!

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