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DINOmite Branding

A 4 week program that will teach you how to brand yourself and translate that brand to a social media presence that attracts the right people to you so you can grow your audience and your sales!

A little while ago I asked in my Facebook group what value you provide in your social media content and the majority of people said either "I am authentic and real" or "I really care and I am not pushy"

These are both great qualities to have, but they are not value.  And neither will help you build an audience of new people who want to buy from you.  

You (hopefully 🤣) like me and my personality and the fact that I am not aggressive with selling, but that is not why you first started following me, is it?  You almost definitely started following me because of all the free tips I share!  You were drawn in by the value I offer for free and through consuming that, you connected with me as a person and grew to like and trust me.  

Being authentic is important and it will help you build relationships with people who are already following you, but it's not enough to bring new people in.  And your ability to reach NEW people, effectively get their attention in the 5 seconds to 3 minutes they spend checking out your page, and have them see content that makes them want to follow you is one of the biggest factors in who succeeds and who doesn't. 

This is where your personal brand comes into play!  A great personal brand will:

  • Help you stand out from other people who sell the same things as you by figuring out what makes you unique

  • Make everything easier, especially content and networking

  • Help you grow an audience of the right people and help them get to know you, like you, and trust you so they are open to buying from you

  • Give you flexibility to grow and change your business because your audience cares about you and not just your product

  • Help you build a loyal customer base who buy from you over and over 


Your brand is the foundation of everything else you do in your business.  Until you get it figured out, you are going to keep feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. 

Branding is my absolute favorite thing to teach because:

  • It helps you see how much value you have to offer!  So many of you struggle to see how amazing you are and why anyone would care about you and what you have to say.  

  • It makes building an audience actually start to work.  I have people tell me constantly that networking is their biggest struggle and that's almost always because your social media presence just doesn't make new people want to connect with you

  • It builds your confidence to stop caring so much about what people think!  You are not for everyone and will never make everyone happy.  And while we all know that theoretically, it can be really hard to stop caring what people think and put your real self out there.

  • It lets you stop comparing yourself to other people so much and stop feeling like you are in competition for the same customers because you will finally understand their perfect customers and your perfect customers are different and know how to find yours

What will you learn?

We are going to start by figuring out your personal brand and then we will talk about how to use it to create an amazing overall social media presence that makes you someone people want to connect with and buy from!

Here is the weekly plan:


Week 1: the personal side of your brand

Week 2: the business side of your brand

Week 3: figuring out the value you have to offer and your ideal client

Week 4: creating your social media presence 

Who this is for:  this program will work for anyone who wants to build a business on social media using a personal brand, which means you are the face of your business.  You have to be willing to put yourself out there and talk about yourself (within reason, you don't have to share anything that makes you uncomfortable, but you will need to let people get to know you and post pictures of yourself)

Who this is not for: this program will not be the best fit for you if you don't want to be the face of your business (for example if you own a gym and want to brand the name of the gym, not your name)

The Details

We will be starting the week of October 9th.  You will be added to a private Facebook group which will be our main communication hub.  You will get announcements and course materials there and you will also be able to ask questions and bond with the other people in the program (which is proven to make you more committed and give you better results!)

Each week we will have a training via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7pm eastern with time for Q&A/coaching at the end (and of course replays available for everything) and you will be given your assignments to work through, which you will have all week to complete!  You will also receive handouts, worksheets, content prompts, and anything else we come up with as we go.

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