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Branding Bootcamp and stories audit package
I am so excited about this collaboration with Stories genius Jessica Hovey!

If you haven't noticed, Facebook and Instagram have really been pushing the Stories feature the past few months!  Facebook recently announced that within the next year the newsfeed as we currently know it will be phased out completely!  I see so many people complaining about it and resisting this new direction.  

Here's the thing!  Facebook is not "over" and it's not going anywhere!  The Facebook of today is VERY different than the Facebook I joined way back in 2006!

I have watched this cycle so many times now.  The people who complain and resist until the last possible minute will struggle.  The people who keep a finger on the pulse, recognize it's no big deal, and adapt to the changes early, will soar!

Which group do you want to be in?

The absolute best thing you can be doing for your social media business right now is to get crystal clear on your personal brand and learn to brand yourself and market effectively through Stories!  And the good news is, when you know how to do it, it's actually really FUN! 

Here's what you get!
  • My 5 day branding bootcamp so you can get really clear about what your brand actually is and how to talk about it! It covers:

    • The deeper elements of branding like your values and how you want to make people FEEL

    • Visual branding

    • How to talk about yourself and your personal life in a way that creates an intentional and memorable brand beyond just occasionally posting cute photos of your family

    • How to figure out your true mission (no, it's not to "make money" or "get customers") and create content that makes people fall in love with it

    • How to tell stories the tie it all together (my favorite kind of post!)



  • A recorded stories technical training from Jess

    • How to create your custom branded stories template so when someone sees one they will immediately know it’s yours without even needing to see your name!



  • A personalized stories audit from Jess!

    • After you complete the bootcamp you will send her info about your business and your brand, and then she will look through your stories and send you a video of her going through them one by one and telling you what she likes and how you can improve! Basically if she was you, exactly what she would be posting in her stories every day!

    • It will be recorded so you can refer back to it as often as you want!

Let's do this!

1 payment of $127

2 payments, $65 each

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