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You are officially signed up!  I'm so excited to create custom content prompts for you!

You will receive an email with these questions (might have to check your spam folder) and you can reply with your answers there, or you can copy and paste the list from here and send them to me through Facebook Messenger!  Either option is totally fine with me!

The questions are:

  1. What is your business/what do you sell?

  2. What kind of content do you create? (written posts, live video, etc, and roughly how many ideas you want for videos vs written posts or other content types)

  3. Who is your target market/ideal client?

  4. What main pillars make up your personal brand?

  5. What is the value you provide for your target market in your content?

  6. What are your main goals for your business right now?  Are you focused on sales, and if so is there a certain thing you are promoting right now?  Or maybe you are focused on audience growth?  Building relationships and engagement?  Don't say everything, be specific!

Be as specific and detailed as you can with your answers!  The better I understand your business and goals, the better the prompts I can create for you will be!  Feel free to include any additional information after the questions that you think would help me!

I'm so excited to get you your prompts and can't wait to hear from you!

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