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Content Challenge

Learn the 5 types of posts you should be making weekly in a fun challenge format


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed when you sit down to write a post because you never know what to say

  • You feel like you are either posting about your business way too much or not enough and never seem to find the right balance

  • You constantly worry you are boring or annoying people with your posts

  • You aren't getting much engagement or interest with what you're posting, so you feel like you must be doing something wrong

  • You have something amazing to share with people but you don't want to sound salesy and can't figure out the right wording to use

  • You feel like you aren't making real connections with people but your life is boring so you aren't really sure how to post about yourself

  • You know you need to get better at content but you aren't sure how and never seem to make the time for it

This challenge is for you!

You will learn the 5 types of posts you should be making weekly so you can keep it up after the challenge!

And the excitement of the challenge and chance to win will push you to actually keep up and make time to put what you are learning into action!


The challenge starts Monday, September 26th and will last for 5 days.  It will take place inside a private Facebook group.

Each day there will be a training on a different type of social media post meant for your personal Facebook or Instagram profile.  Then you will be challenged to write that style of post using what you learned and post it!

Each day there will also be a place in the group where you can share a link to your post for the day so other challengers can go comment on it to support you!

There will be prizes and you will walk away knowing the 5 types of posts you should be making weekly to effectively grow your business using social media!

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