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DINOmite Content Prompts

100 Content Prompts That Create Engagement, Connection, and Sales

Imagine knowing exactly what to post every day without having to think about it. 


Actually getting comments instead of crickets on posts about your business. 


People feeling comfortable enough to reach out to you without you having to spend all your time making awkward small talk in messenger.  


I learned how to go from zero comments to so many that I can’t keep up with replies anymore.  Content is definitely my zone of genius!  If you talk to me, chances are at some point I will tell you “what you just said would make a great post!”  


So many people have asked me if I could just write their posts for them over the years, but I think the truth is it’s not that you don’t know how to write your own, you just haven’t learned how to recognize all the amazing things you have to offer!  From relatable glimpses of your day to things that come easy to you but other people don’t know about to all the different ways you can talk about your business that people actually want to hear about, these prompts will take out the guesswork so you know exactly what to post!

The prompts will 


  • Free up your time and mental energy from having to come up with ideas week after week!

  • Help you start to form REAL connections with your friends and followers without having to spend all day in messenger because people truly get to know you through your content!

  • Show you what you have been missing in your content if you’ve been consistent but still struggling to make sales!

  • Help you go from crickets to finally getting engagement on your posts, even business posts!

  • Show you all the different kinds of value you have to offer about yourself and your business so you feel equipped to write your own content after you’ve finished the prompts!

  • Help you find the balance between how often to post about personal things and how often to post about business!

  • Show you all the different ways you can promote your business WITHOUT feeling spammy!

  • Help you start intentionally curating a personal brand that feels authentic and  stands out!


Who this is for:


Anyone who wants to grow their business and personal brand on Facebook or Instagram.  You have to be willing to get a little out of your comfort zone and post personal things along with photos of yourself!




Who this is NOT for:


Someone who doesn’t want a personal brand.  These prompts are perfect for network marketers, coaches, web designers, real estate agents, and anyone who wants to be the face of their brand.  If for example, you have a store and you want to promote the store through a business page but not build a brand around yourself as the owner, these prompts will not be the right fit for you.

What you get:


  • A PDF document with 100 content prompts that will be most effective on your Facebook and/or Instagram timeline.  They will be emailed to you immediately after payment!

  • The prompts are broken into 9 categories that cover your personal life/brand, straight up hard sales posts, and everything in between!

  • Each category includes a description of what it means, why it’s important, and how to use them, including how often to post each type!

  • Most of the prompts can be used over and over, but my goal was to also teach you the why behind the prompts so you eventually feel confident creating your own content without them!

What are people saying?


What are the prompts like?

The prompts are designed to be specific enough to spark an idea but generic and open ended enough that they can be applied to any type of business!

Here are 2 sample prompts to give you an idea of what they look like!


Sample Branding Prompt

Tell the story of how you first fell in love with (or became) one of the pillars of your brand

Sample Business Prompt

Share a question someone asked you about something you sell and your answer (shows people are interested AND if one person has that question, other people probably do, too!)

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