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Content Review Session

Ever wished I could just write your posts for you?

I'm still not going to do that, but I will write them WITH you!

This is your chance to get direct feedback on your posts and have me help you re-write them to get maximum engagement and interest!

Social media content is my super power!  It's my favorite thing to talk about and something that comes so naturally to me!  

I talk to so many people who think they aren't good writers.  I completely disagree!  You have it in you to create amazing content, and most of the time some small changes are all you need to take your posts from boring and salesy with no comments to something interesting that people actually want to read, comment on, and learn more about what you sell!

Great content is the secret to building a sustainable business that keeps growing without you having to spend all day in messenger awkwardly asking people to buy things.  And it's the best way to "beat" to algorithm!

Ready to finally understand how to write posts that work?

You will choose 5 posts you have written and send them to me via email or messenger.  I will read over the posts and make any changes that need to be made and send you a document with all my suggested changes so that you can easily see what I did and what changes you need to make. 


Then I will also send you voice messages with my feedback so you can understand the reasons behind the changes and use them to create better content moving forward!

You also have the option to upgrade to a Zoom session instead of voice messages where I will give you my feedback and then answer any questions you have and help you brainstorm future posts!

Sign up here:
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