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DINOmite Conversations PDF

Your all inclusive guide to better customer and recruiting conversations and follow ups

Imagine knowing exactly what to say and how the conversation should flow when you talk to someone about your business

Not overthinking everything and feeling upset because they didn't order and you don't know what you did wrong

Knowing when to follow up and what to say and not feeling pushy or being ignored


When I first got started with a social media business, I had NO idea how to talk to people.

I would either get so excited and overwhelm people with 8 paragraphs of information and scare them away, avoid responding for as long as possible because if I didn't respond I couldn't blow it, or be so afraid of coming across pushy that I was so incredibly passive and people probably thought I didn't even want them to order.

Most people that I talked to didn't end up ordering or signing up and I was constantly stressed out and feeling like a failure.  And don't get me started on following up.  I was either that weird annoying person or so tired of feeling like that that I didn't follow up at all.  

When I finally learned to have conversations the right way, everything changed!

I stopped avoiding messenger, got more yes's than no's, and started following up in a way that both me and the person I was following up with actually liked.

Conversations do come more naturally to some people than others, but no matter how you feel about them now, you can learn to be good at them!  

This PDF will:


  • Teach you how to feel comfortable and confident talking to potential customers and team members using your own words instead of just giving you a bunch of copy and paste scripts that don't sound like you

  • Help you stop stressing over wording and overthinking everything you say

  • Teach you to take the guesswork out of following up so that you know who to follow up with, when to do it, and what to say

  • Make follow ups simple enough that you actually do them instead of putting them off for weeks or even months

  • Give you a resource you can pull out over and over again when you are talking to someone so that you know what to say no matter how the conversation goes


Who this is for:

These strategies will help anyone who sells through social media and has one on one conversations with people via messenger, text, etc. but it is specifically created for network marketers with a section on recruiting conversations.  If you don't recruit, I think you will still find value in the customer and follow up sections, though!


Who this is not for:


If you are not the face of your business (aka a personal brand) these strategies probably won't be ideal for your business

What you get:
  • A 10 page PDF that will be emailed to you as soon as you complete your payment

  • The PDF contains sections on customer/sales conversations, team member/recruiting conversations, and follow ups

  • Each section contains general tips and tricks, things to avoid, how the conversation should flow, and specific wording suggestions

  • You will learn a ton about having conversations effectively and be able to keep this PDF as a resource that you can reference over and over​

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