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Custom Content Prompts


Have you ever wished that I could just tell you exactly what to post?  Now I can! 

I'm so excited to start offering this service where I will provide with with content prompts specific to you and your business so you know exactly what to post about to start creating the results you want!  

I have a PDF of content prompts that can be applied to many different kinds of businesses (you can find that here!) but there is nothing like ideas that are specifically created for you, your business, and your goals! 


You will receive 25 prompts!  These custom content prompts will:

  1. Save you time and overthinking because you will know EXACTLY what to post about

  2. Give you a month or more of content ideas, depending on how often you post

  3. Help you understand what a typical month of content should look like for you so that you can apply this blueprint with your own ideas moving forward

  4. Make it so you stop wasting time on content that isn't working or trying to guess if you're posting the right things or not

In order for me to create your custom prompts and make them effective you will need to have some clarity about your business and goals!  We have two different options:

If you can answer the following questions right now, you can save some money by submitting me your written answers and I can read them and create your custom prompts!

The questions are:

  1. What is your business/what do you sell?

  2. What kind of content do you create? (written posts, live video, etc, and roughly how many ideas you want for videos vs written posts or other content types)

  3. Who is your target market/ideal client?

  4. What main pillars make up your personal brand?

  5. What is the value you provide for your target market in your content?

  6. What are your main goals for your business right now?  Are you focused on sales, and if so is there a certain thing you are promoting right now?  Or maybe you are focused on audience growth?  Building relationships and engagement?  Don't say everything, be specific!

If you can answer these questions, click here to sign up!  You will receive an email with the questions or you can also just copy them from this page and send your answers to me via Facebook Messenger!

If you can't answer these questions, you can sign up for a Zoom session with me where we can talk them through and get you some clarity!  And then I will use everything we discuss on Zoom to create your prompts!

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