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DINOmite Sales

A two week bootcamp that will shift your mindset and give you effective strategies to sell on social media

Imagine feeling confident knowing what to post when you have something new to promote and knowing it will bring in sales

Feeling like selling is natural and fun instead of hard and terrifying

Not ever feeling icky or pushy when you talk to people about what you sell


The number one thing people tell me they struggle with is gaining consistent customers from social media.  And I won't lie, sometimes when I scroll through my newsfeed I understand why.  But it's understandable because most of us haven't been taught the right way to approach online sales!


I find most of us follow a similar journey.  First we SPAM EVERYONE BECAUSE WE'RE JUST SO EXCITED.  Then we realize that doesn't work and isn't who we are, feel really embarrassed we lost ourselves that way, and vow never to do that again.  Then we're so worried about being spammy again that we kinda sorta mention our business once a month and no one has any clue what we do.  Sound familiar?


Making consistent sales online doesn't have to feel so hard or out of your control.  As long as what you have to sell is genuinely good, with the right mindset shifts and strategy you absolutely can learn to sell it consistently! 

The bootcamp will 


  • Help you shift your mindset around sales so that you never feel like you are bothering anyone or like you might be annoying people with your posts

  • Teach you how to create content that actually gets people interested in what you're selling, with some templates included to take out the guesswork

  • Help you understand where you might have gone wrong with conversations in the past and feel more confident in how to talk to people who are interested

  • Include small daily lessons with homework so you actually implement what you're learning


Who this is for:


Anyone who wants to grow their business and personal brand on Facebook or Instagram.  You have to be willing to get a little out of your comfort zone and post personal things along with photos of yourself!




Who this is NOT for:


Someone who doesn’t want a personal brand.  These strategies are perfect for network marketers, coaches, web designers, real estate agents, and anyone who wants to be the face of their brand.  If for example, you have a store and you want to promote the store through a business page but not build a brand around yourself as the owner, these strategies will not be the most effective for you.

What you get:


  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook Group that includes all the trainings and homework materials organized in the Guides.  This will also be your space to ask me questions!  I will be active in the group Monday-Friday!

  • 2 weeks of daily trainings and homework assignments so you actually implement what you learn.  

Will this bootcamp change my business overnight?

No, and you should be wary of anyone who promises anything will do that!  There will be 2 main factors that determine how quickly you see results:


Implementing what you learn consistently

You will leave this bootcamp with everything you need to know to start creating consistent sales through social media, but you have to implement what you learned and stay consistent to see consistent results!

Your audience

You can't say the right thing to the wrong people.  You can create the best content in the world, but if the right people aren't seeing it, it won't matter.  If you already have a decent audience full of your ideal clients, you may see results fairly quickly!  If you do not have the audience yet, that's ok!  You'll just have to focus on building that audience moving forward, which will give you the chance to perfect what you learn here as you go!

What did people think who have gone through this bootcamp?

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What will you be learning?

Week 1: Mindset

Most people underestimate the impact mindset has on your ability to sell online!  We think that because we're feeling one thing but typing another, no one will know.  But people can pick up on your energy, and it can and will cause you to lose sales if you are desperate, nervous, or focusing on the wrong things!

We spend week 1 focusing on your mindset so you are ready to actually implement what you learn in week 2!


Week 2: Strategy

Once your mind is right, we can get down to the nitty gritty!  We'll be covering how to write posts that actually get attention with blueprints included, how often to make different types of posts, the art of the hard sales video, how to have effective conversations, and more!

There will be a thread in the group each day where you can share your homework for my feedback when appropriate!

This Bootcamp is normally $97!
Save 30% and get it for $75!
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