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Are you following up with your potential leads and current customers as much as you know you should?



I’m gonna guess probably not because this is definitely one of the most common things people tell me they struggle with!


Not wanting to feel pushy, uncertainty around what to say, how often to reach out, or how to keep track of people cause so many people to get overwhelmed and not follow up at all.


Not following up is making your business feel so much harder than it needs to be!  Providing good customer service is essential if we want repeat customers.  And trust me, you want repeat customers!  If you are basically starting over and scrambling to find new customers every single month, that’s why your income feels so unstable.  Having a solid base of customers who order over and over will help you feel so much happier and more secure in your business.


But of course it’s much easier said than done!  Being good at following up involves shifting your mindset, knowing what to say and when, and some organization to not lose track of everyone!  We will be covering all 3 of these areas in this bootcamp!

The plan

Day 1

Your mindset

Your mindset around following up has a HUGE impact on if you actually do it or not.  If you make time for everything else in your business but somehow never seem to make time for following up, there's something else going on there!

Day 2

What to say

It can be hard to find the line between providing good customer service and being pushy.  We will talk about what to say in different scenarios to take the weirdness out of following up!

Day 3

Getting organized

I am not going to hand you a magical one-size-fits-all tracking system, because there is no such thing.  But you will leave with clarity around what needs to be tracked, when and how to do it, and plenty of suggestions for different formats you can use!

The details

The bootcamp will be 3 days starting Tuesday June 29th and be held inside a private Facebook group.  Each day will include a live video training plus homework!  I will also be available for questions inside the Facebook group! 

I am aiming for 30 minute videos for the 3 training days, but since I will be doing them live I'm never totally sure how long they will take!   Replays will be available for everything and you will keep access to the group after the bootcamp is over to review whenever you want!

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