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DINOmite follow up Challenge

Learn to stop hating follow ups and finally create a system in a fun challenge format


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You dread following up with people because you never know what to say

  • You keep telling yourself you are going to create a system to track who you need to follow up with and when, but you never actually do it

  • You feel like you are annoying people when you follow up

  • You have gone to check in with a customer and realized it's been 6+ months since they have heard from you and now you feel awkward

  • You have people ask you for info and you send it and tell them to let you know if they have questions and never hear back from them and now you don't know if you should reach out because you don't want to be pushy

  • You know you are missing out on sales because you don't follow up

What if:

  • Follow up stopped being a part of your business that you hate and avoid 

  • You actually feel confident knowing what to say and never worry you are being annoying or pushy

  • You have a system in place so you know who to follow up with and when and people stop falling through the cracks

  • You stop driving yourself crazy trying to guess the right time to reach out to someone 

  • You have more new and repeat customers


The Details


The challenge starts Monday, November 14th and will last for 5 days.  It will take place inside a private Facebook group.

Each morning there will be a live video training (with replays available) on a different aspect of follow up.  Then you will be given a task for the day that you need to complete for points.  There will a post in the group where you will check in when you have completed your tasks.  You will also be able to ask any questions you have!

Here is the training plan:

  • Day 1: learning to not hate following up

  • Day 2: following up with past customers who haven’t ordered in awhile

  • Day 3: following up with people who were interested and never signed up

  • Day 4: creating your follow up flow so you know what to say and when

  • Day 5: using an app to organize all your people so you know who to follow up with when and actually stick with it

Each day you will also get a suggested post to make on your profile and you will get points for engaging with other challenger's posts.

There will be prizes and you will walk away with a follow up system in place and knowing exactly what to say when you follow up!

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