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DINOmite Facebook Groups

A workshop series that will help you create a Facebook group that is both fun and profitable!

What if you had a Facebook group full of your ideal clients and you didn't have to feel like you were out chasing people all the time?

What if you knew exactly what to post and your members actually engaged with your posts?

What if your group was consistently growing with people who WANT to be there?

A Facebook group can either be an incredible asset or a major source of stress.

What if no one joins?  What if people join but no one ever posts or comments except me?  What if it ends up becoming exactly what I don't like about other groups I'm in?

These are all things I thought to myself before I created my community.  I'm so glad I didn't let fear hold me back because my group has brought so many amazing things to my life and business!

My group is 2 years old, has an amazing supportive culture, and is an active group with members posting just as often as me!  We have a 75% active member rate with over 2,500 members, which is something I'm proud of!  It's easy to keep a small group engaged, but the bigger it grows, the easier it is for members to drop off.

Most importantly my group has never stressed me out or felt like a burden!  I talk to so many people who feel that way and it makes me sad.  Your group can and should bring you both joy and grow your business and I want to show you how!

I'm putting the things that have helped me and my clients into two workshops!

Workshop 1 is for someone who hasn't opened a group yet

We will cover what to do to get ready to grow a group, how to know when it's time, and what steps to take to launch it effectively!

Workshop 2 is for someone who already has a group and wants to improve it

We will cover what to post, how to create group culture and a sense of community, and how to grow your group with the right people!

The Details

The workshops will take place on Wednesday March 17th



Workshop 1 will be at 2pm eastern

Workshop 2 will be at 3pm eastern


Each workshop will take place inside a private Facebook group.  I will be going live in the group to deliver the training

Replays will of course be available for both and you will keep lifetime access to the replay!

Get Signed Up!

You can join workshop 1 to learn how to launch your own group here:
You can join workshop 2 to learn how to run and grow a thriving group here:
Or you can bundle both together and save $7 here:
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