Growing a Facebook Group

A Facebook group can either be a huge asset or a major source of stress.

What if no one joins?  What if people join but no one ever posts or comments except me?  What if it ends up becoming exactly what I don't like about every other entrepreneurs group I'm in?

These are all things I thought to myself before I created my community, but it ended up being amazing!

My group is only a few months old and about to cross 700 members, has an amazing supportive culture, and is an active group with members posting just as often as me!

This definitely would not have happened if I had jumped in and opened a group with no strategy, but because I have been observing what I do and don't like about other groups for over a year now, I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't!

And now I'm so excited to share everything I have learned with you!

The details

This will be a 2 part workshop on Tuesday, July 9th.  You will have access to both parts and I always recommend watching both, but part 1 will cover all things starting a group and part 2 will cover all things maintaining and growing a group!  So it will be up to you if you think you need both or not!

Part 1 topics (not comprehensive)

-Your group mission

-Techy stuff like group type, setting up questions, etc

-Launch strategy

Part 2 topics (not comprehensive)


-Group culture

-Growing members

The workshop will take place inside a private Facebook group and you will have lifetime access to the recordings!

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