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Ideal Client Workshop Series

Can you describe your ideal client?

One of the biggest mistakes I made myself and that I see a lot of other people making is not having any clue who you're trying to attract.  

If it was easy to create content that actually converts someone from follower to customer, everyone would be successful.  

It's already hard enough when you know who you are speaking to, it's nearly impossible when you don't! 

Once you figure out your ideal client/target market, the next step is creating content that speaks directly to them.  Have you ever bought something because you read a post and felt like the person was in your head? 

And the next and probably most important step is to make sure the right people are actually seeing that content!  You can have the best posts in the world but make no money if your ideal clients aren't actually seeing them!

The details

This is a series of 3 workshops that build on each other to finally give you clarity on who you are selling to, what kind of content you should be posting to get their attention, and where to meet more of your ideal clients so your engagement and sales will grow


Workshop 1 covers figuring out your target market/ideal client.

Workshop 2 covers creating content that speaks to your ideal client.

Workshop 3 covers where to find your ideal client so they actually see the content you're creating.

Each workshop is recorded inside a private Facebook group. 

This workshop series is normally $75!
Save 40% and get it for $45!
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