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Finding Your Ideal Client Workshop

An interactive Zoom training and work session where you will figure out exactly who your Ideal Client is and how to write posts that actually get them interested in what you sell

When you want to build a business using attraction marketing, the first step has to be figuring out who your Ideal Client is.

In order to create content that attracts people to you and makes them want to buy from you, you have to first know who you are looking for!  It's pretty impossible to know what kind of content they will like if you aren't even sure who they are.  And that's why you have to get some clarity on your Ideal Client!

Your Ideal Client is just a term that means the type of person who is the perfect fit to be your customer.  This person has a need for what you sell and will be interested in buying it from YOU.  

There are plenty of people out there who could benefit from your products, but not all of them will relate to and connect with you.  And there are a lot of people out there who will love you as a person but don't need what you sell or aren't ready for a change.  Your Ideal Clients are the people who both want what you sell and want to consume as much content as they can from you.

Your Ideal Clients are also people who are excited to buy from you and that you are excited to work with!  

What if


  • Getting people to engage with your posts and buy from you didn't feel like pulling teeth anymore

  • You knew what to post to get people interested

  • Conversations and follow ups with customers didn't feel awkward anymore and you started finding loyal longterm customers who order over and over

That is what you will walk away from this workshop with!

We will get on Zoom as a group and I will walk you through figuring out who your perfect Ideal Client is.  Once we have them nailed down, I will walk you through brainstorming 20+ ideas for posts that will get their attention and get them interested in what you sell.

You will be able to ask questions as we go and I'll be able to help you brainstorm, decide which products to focus on, etc!

By the time we are done, you will know exactly who your Ideal Client is and have 20+ ideas ready to use for posts on your profile, in your group, etc!

The workshop will take place on Zoom on Thursday, April 27th at 7pm eastern.  You will also have access to the replay if you can't be on live or would like to rewatch!
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