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Kickass Consistency


When I asked in my Facebook group "what is the biggest struggle you are having in your business?" the most common answer was staying consistent.

And honestly, I get it!

Consistency used to be a daily struggle for me.  At first I had no clue what I should even be focusing on.  Then I knew but couldn't seem to get myself to actually do it

I was either stuck in a cycle where I never actually got my To Do list checked off and constantly felt bad about myself because I knew my lack of progress was my own fault, which led to more inactivity because I felt bad.

Or I would go, go, go, for awhile and then get burnt out and do nothing.  Then convince myself this had to change, go, go, go, and burn out again.

Or I would try to replicate someone else's schedules without realizing we are all unique people and there is no one size fits all routine.  This made me feel like I was the problem because it clearly was working for them.  Whyyyy can't I seem to make it work for me?

I'm creating my signature program which is going to combine Strategy, Mindset, and Consistency to bring you all the elements you need to finally create the success you want in one supportive community!

But before we launch (hopefully in September!) I want to do a Beta Test of the Consistency part to make sure it works as well in real life as it does in my head!

Everyone who participates in this Beta Test will have first dibs on the Founding Member spots for the subscription community when it launches!  Founding Members will be locked into a special price (i.e., much lower than everyone else) for as long as they remain in the community!

How It Works


The beta test will start Monday August 19th and last for 30 days

We will start by evaluating your business and figuring out what consistency looks like for YOU and your specific business and goals! 

Then there will be a daily check-in post to keep you accountable to the whole group, not just yourself.

Everyone who is consistent and checks in daily will earn a 20 minute private coaching session with me!

If everyone who signs up is consistent the whole time, I will also be giving away an adorable planner set! 


I like this format because some of us are more motivated by incentives for ourselves and some of us are much better at showing up for other people and wouldn't want to let everyone else down!

Sign Me Up!

Join the Beta Test for $55!

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