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DINOmite Networking Ideas

A crash course in effectively networking on Facebook
and Instagram 

What if people were actually interested in your posts and you never had to feel like you were convincing someone to try what you sell again?

What if you knew exactly how and where to be networking to meet your perfect people?

What if it was actually fun?


People are often surprised when I tell them one of the biggest things they should be focusing on to grow their business is networking.  But it's the truth!  It doesn't matter if you have the best thing in the world if you don't have anyone to sell it to!  And I'm not talking "anyone who will buy," that's the mentality keeping you stuck right now.

You have to get clear on who is most likely to buy from you and then create a strategy to get in front of them!  I can tell you from experience that trying to sell to anyone and everyone and randomly adding friends with no rhyme or reason won't get you anywhere.  

But once you figure out who you are actually looking for, understand where to find them, and are consistently connecting with new people, you will consistently bring in sales!  

The PDF will 


  • Give you 36 specific ideas for networking activities on Facebook and Instagram.  You can just pick something and go do it!

  • Help you figure out who "your person" is (also known as ideal client, target market, avatar, etc) so that you are connecting with people who will actually buy from you!

  • Help you understand what your goals should be when you are out in the online world networking so that you aren't turning people off or scaring them away

  • Explain the difference between passive networking and active networking and how to do both

  • Show you how to network in Facebook groups, including how to choose groups to join and what to do once you're in them

  • Give you ideas for networking on Facebook outside of groups

  • Help you understand networking on Instagram and your goals there​

  • Give you a well rounded crash course into everything you need to know to get started growing your network through Facebook and Instagram!


Who this is for:


Anyone who wants to grow their business and personal brand on Facebook or Instagram.  You have to be willing to get a little out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there!  Please note that you will still get a lot of ideas for Facebook networking if you are primarily using a business page, but it was written for and you will get the most benefit if you are willing to connect with people through your personal profile.




Who this is NOT for:


Someone who doesn’t want a personal brand or to grow their business organically by connecting with people.  If you are wanting to automate your business and grow using ads and have little personal touch with your customers, this is not the right fit for you.

What you get:


  • A 9 page PDF document with the 36 ideas and lots of training mixed in.  It will be emailed to you immediately after payment!

  • The ideas are split up between Facebook and Instagram and there is specific training included for each platform as well​!

  • A lot more free time because you finally understand how to network and can pick something from the list and just go do it!

This PDF sound great, but I'm looking for more support than just a PDF download..

If this is you, I totally get you!  I have bought so many things over the years that went into my email inbox to die.  Some of us need an extra layer of support and accountability in order to take action!

This PDF is also INCLUDED FREE inside my membership group, The DINOmite Squad!  So for only $68 more, you can get a month of membership AND the PDF!

Click here to learn more about The Squad and see if it might be exactly what you've been looking for!

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