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DINOmite networking Challenge

Learn how to network online and connect with the right people in a fun challenge format


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your sales aren't where you want them to be and it feels like nothing you try ever changes that

  • You feel like you are trying to convince or practically beg people to try your thing

  • You get crickets when you post.  Even when it's a post you worked really hard on and know it's a good one

  • You offer an amazing deal or incentive and still don't have anyone who wants to sign up

  • Your sales are all over the place.  Sometimes you have a good month, sometimes a terrible month, and you never know what to expect

  • You know you need to meet new people, but you have no idea where or how

  • You have tried to add new friends but they won't accept your friend request or interact with you

This challenge is for you!

You will learn where and how to start meeting the RIGHT people online so you can keep it up after the challenge and see your business explode!

And the excitement of the challenge and chance to win will push you to actually keep up and make time to put what you are learning into action!


The challenge starts Monday, October 24th and will last for 5 days.  It will take place inside a private Facebook group.

Each day there will be a training in the morning and then you will be challenged to complete a task or tasks for the day and check in on a post in the group when you're done.  There will be support from the other challengers and you will also be able to ask me questions!

You can with a free month inside my membership, The DINOmite Squad, and you will walk away knowing the what you need to be doing moving forward to grow your network effectively online!

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