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Recruiting Post Challenge

Learn to write posts that get people interested in joining your team! 

  • Get comfortable talking about your opportunity on your profile 

  • Learn 5 unique styles of posts for recruiting and how to use them

  • Understand important Dos and Don'ts so your posts get better engagement and don't annoy people

  • Get out of your comfort zone and write 5 posts using easy to follow prompts 

  • Get engagement on your posts from other challengers to help them get more reach​


So, you're ready to grow a team.  You love your company and know the opportunity could help a lot of other people, but when you try to post about it you get complete crickets.  You don't know what to say to get people to see the value in what you're offering and you're worrying you are annoying people and might lose friends.  

Trust me, I've been there!  I've also been the person who sent the spammy copy and paste "Hey girl!" messages.  None of it worked, and it left me feeling inauthentic and exhausted.  And it also didn't work.  The few people I did manage to recruit never actually did much with their business because they didn't join the right way and for the right reasons.  

The people who tend to stick around and actually want to work their business are the people who watch you, think about it for a bit, decide it's something they really want to do, and reach out to you.

In order to find those people, you have to be posting about your opportunity consistently and you also have to be doing the right kinds of posts!  That's exactly what this challenge will teach you!


The Details


The challenge starts Monday, March 13th and will last for 5 days.  It will take place inside a private Facebook group.

Each morning there will be a live video training (with replays available).  Then you will be given a prompt for your post for the day that you need to write and post for points.  There will be a post in the group where you will check in when you have completed your post and share a link so that other challengers can go engage with it.  You will also earn points for engaging with other challengers posts.  One person will win a month inside my paid membership, The DINOmite Squad ($97 value!)    You will also be able to ask any questions you have in the group!

This challenge is for anyone who wants to build a team using social media.  It is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and get you posting publicly on your profile.  You can also use a business page if you prefer.  This challenge is not the best fit for you if you only want to do talk about your opportunity inside a private group.  HOWEVER we will not be posting spammy annoying things on your profile.  I'm going to teach you how to post in a way that doesn't annoy people and help you get over the fear of posting on your profile. 

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