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Online Event Template Workshop

An interactive Zoom training and work session where you will create 3 different personalized templates to use over and over again for online events to make them more successful and save a ton of time

Online parties and vendor events are popular for a reason!  They are a great way to get in front of a new audience of people, usually free or very affordable, and convenient for both you and the guests.  No one has to change out of their comfy clothes, free up their schedule, or drive anywhere.

I know so many people who have built their business almost entirely using online events!

But I also know a lot of people who have tried doing online events and felt frustrated because they spent a lot of time on them and didn't see any results.  Bad events happen, but if it's happening to you consistently, it's probably the way you are approaching them.  People are sick of long complicated generic events with tons of posts or you just copying and pasting the party posts your leader or company gave you.

You need to do short focused posts that don't overwhelm your guests.  And you need to create content that stands out and gets noticed.  Slapping up boring posts and company graphics won't cut it anymore!

But there is a fine line between having great original content and spending way too much time writing brand new posts every time you do an event.  If you are putting in multiple hours just on writing posts and then have to post them, engage with guests, follow up, etc, of course you're going to feel like these events are more work than they are worth!

And that's where creating your own templates come in!



  • Getting ready for your next event in less than an hour

  • And knowing you are talking about the right products in the right way that will connect with your guests

  • And having three different templates with different focuses to choose from so you can pick the one that fits with each new host/vendor event

That is exactly what you will walk away from this workshop with!

We will get on Zoom as a group and I will walk you through creating 3 different templates.  Each one will be different so you will have options to offer hosts and increase your chance of booking parties from parties or so you can use them in recurring vendor events!

You will be able to ask questions as we go and I'll be able to help you brainstorm, decide which products to focus on, what pictures to use, etc!

By the time we are done, you will have 3 different templates written out for yourself with what to post in what order.  Depending on how fast you write, you might have all the posts written as well!  If not, you will be able to finish writing after the Zoom is over.

Then, when you have a new event, you will choose which template you want to use, make any tweaks that might be necessary (we'll talk about this on the Zoom!) and you will be all set in an hour or less!

The workshop will take place on Zoom on Thursday, March 30th at 7pm eastern.  You will also have access to the replay if you can't be on live or would like to rewatch!
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