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Introducing The DINOmite Squad 

A subscription community that combines Strategy, Mindset, and Implementation. 
We don't do one size fits all and firmly believe success means nothing if you aren't enjoying your life along the way!

It's time for you to create the successful business you keep worrying you aren't good enough for.  And you're going to absolutely love the way you do it and start having fun again!

What if..

-You felt really confident about your brand and your content and your friends starting noticing and sending you referrals?

-You created a customized schedule that fits the way you work best so you stop wasting so much time and can work less but do more?

-You were never stressing over what to post again because you finally understand exactly what content you should be creating and when?

-You started to work through your fears and limiting beliefs so you stop holding yourself back?

-You had clarity and a game plan in place for exactly where you want to go and how you are going to get there so you don't waste any more time on things that don't matter?


I know that you got started because you want to help people and now you are really starting to question if you are cut out for this.  


I understand, and I've been there!



Growing an online business is a lot harder than people make it seem!  People assume that just because you're using social media platforms that everyone has access to, it's something anyone can do without any education or guidance and it's just not true.  And even then, so much of what is out there only gives you pieces of the puzzle and trying to put it all together on your own is overwhelming and confusing.



It took me about 4 years to figure it out.  Do you have 4 years?


You've probably tried a few things to help understand what you should be doing..

-You started following a bunch of different coaches, joined all the groups, opted in to all the freebies, aaand implemented nothing.

-You finally decided to invest in a course and learned a lot but struggled after it was over and didn't have access to the coach anymore.

-Splurged on one-on-one coaching but realized you were wasting time on the calls because the coach was having to teach you basic marketing concepts instead of using the time to help you plan specific strategies.


-Joined a very low cost coaching group and made a ton of friends but then accidentally got complacent and spent more time hanging out with your friends and stopped actually growing your business.

No judgement from me.  The only reason I know you did these things is because I did them, too.  Not just some of them.  All of them.

What I've realized over the last year of working with people one-on-one and creating workshops and bootcamps is that I needed to change up the delivery system.

To be successful you need knowledge/strategy, mindset work, a supportive mastermind community, one-on-one access to a mentor to help you implement, and a system for action and consistency.


Paying for each of these things individually can add up FAST, so I did a lot of thinking and realized a subscription group was the best way to give you everything you need in one place for one price!

Introducing The

DINOmite Squad!

Inside The Squad you will..

-Learn the strategies that are working right now on Facebook and Instagram

-Put together a schedule you can actually stick to and finally start taking consistent action

-Start working through the limiting beliefs you don't even realize are keeping you stuck

-Finally start to feel confident about your business and know you are on the right track


You won't feel like you have to awkwardly change the subject when someone asks how your business is going because you're really not making much money and you don't want anyone to find out anymore.  You will be able to confidently look them in the eye and say it's going great!

What's included for The Squad:

-A private Facebook group full of people who are serious about growth to support you and help you brainstorm

-An optional group chat for extra support and making friends

-Live trainings from me covering all things strategy including content, branding, networking, ideal client, storytelling, and more.  Homework is always included so you actually implement what you learned!

-Group coaching office hours through Zoom twice a month!  This is your space to get your questions answered or talk about anything you have going on in your business and get input from me and also the group mastermind!  They are simultaneously livestreamed into the FB group so you can have access to the recording and learn from everyone else's questions, too

-Mindset work around worthiness, money, etc

-A tested program to help you take consistent action week after week

-The ability to earn squad swag like mugs and tshirts, private coaching time with me, and lots of other cool stuff just by taking the actions that move you forward

-PDF cheat sheets with lists of networking activities, content ideas, etc

-Ongoing support for as long as you choose to remain in the community

What's included for The Elite Level:

-Everything included in the Squad PLUS a 30 minute one on one coaching session with me each month!  The Squad level guarantees group coaching and you can earn 1 short private coaching session per month.  The Elite level guarantees a longer call with me each month so I can really get to know you and your business and help you create the best possible strategies for you.


Both the Squad Level and Elite Level are monthly subscriptions with no commitment.  If you want to start with Elite to really find your direction and then switch to Squad level, or start at Squad and realize you need more guidance, you can change anytime! 


You can cancel your membership any time with no questions asked.

Please note, if you decide to leave and forget to cancel your payment, I will honor refunds for 24 hours.  After that, no refunds will be given and you will keep access to the community for the entire month.

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