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DINOmite Time

When was the last time you ended a week feeling proud of yourself for actually accomplishing everything you wanted to do?

It doesn't have to feel like a laughable concept!

You CAN learn to get things done no matter how busy you are

You CAN show up consistently without it feeling hard

And you CAN get out of constant overwhelm and start to feel in control


It seems like whenever I ask people what they are struggling with, one of the first things that will come up will inevitably be "staying consistent" or "time management"or "not enough hours in the day"

And trust me, as Queen of the Procrastinators, I totally understand!

But the reality is, there are people with less time getting more done than you.  I don't say that to shame you (you're probably doing more than enough of that to yourself if you're anything like me), but just to point out how many hours you have available isn't nearly as important as what you do with those hours!

Honestly, I see over and over again that the more time we have available, the more time we waste.  No one ever believes me that they will actually have a HARDER time getting things done if they quit their job than learning to be more efficient with the time they have now, until they do it and come back and tell me I was right.

I am not claiming to be perfect or never having days where I don't get much done, but I feel in control of my time now!  I used to feel like the day ran me and it was out of my hands when nothing got done.  I was constantly overwhelmed, exhausted, and felt like I could never put my phone down.  Now I get things done on a schedule that keeps me on track without feeling too restricted and then I get to relax and enjoy my life!  I want to share the tools and mindset shifts that have helped me learn to show up consistently without feeling behind or burnt out!

The bootcamp will 


  • Help you shift your mindset so that you can get out of overwhelm and feel in control

  • Teach you tools to help you get a lot more done in a lot less time

  • Help you understand the ways you procrastinate and self sabotage so you can recognize when you start falling back into them

  • Include small daily lessons with homework so you actually implement what you're learning


Who this is for:

Someone who is sick of their own crap and ready to take action and make some changes

Someone who knows what they need to be doing but can't seem to consistently show up and do it

Online business owners, especially network marketers or service based business owners

Who this is NOT for:


Someone who wants to focus on excuses and why they can't.  I understand we're all busy and things happen, but this is a space where we'll be taking personal responsibility and working on finding SOLUTIONS not a space for complaining or excuses why it's harder for you than everyone else


People who make physical products are welcome and the strategies will apply for your marketing tasks, but we will not be covering ways to increase production of your products or anything like that

What you get:


  • A private Facebook Group that will include all the trainings and homework materials.  This will also be your space to ask me questions!  I will be active in the group Monday-Friday!

  • 5 days of recorded trainings and daily homework assignments so you actually implement what you learn. 

  • The first 4 days are recorded Facebook Live trainings and Day 5 is a recording of a Zoom training where you can also learn from the questions people asked!

  • Lifetime access to the group with all the replays and course materials

We will be covering both the strategy and mindset shifts that will help you get a lot more done in a lot less time.

You will come out of this bootcamp with


  • a personalized schedule tailored to you and your lifestyle and personality 

  • clarity around the ways you have been holding yourself back

  • a plan that isn't run around like a chicken with your head cut off all the time

  • boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

  • new goals that actually feel attainable

  •  more free time where you can actually relax and put your phone down

This Bootcamp is normally $49.  Save 40% and get it for $30!
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