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Vendor event academy

A bootcamp where you learn how to create and run your own online vendor event 

How many times have you tried to sign up for an online vendor event only to find you had to pay an outrageous fee, invite 100 friends, or stick to some crazy posting schedule?  Maybe you tried to make the best of it and then were embarrassed you had invited your friends when the other vendors were super spammy or the event was just overall awkward and unsuccessful.


There are a lot of online vendor events out there these days, but not a lot of good ones.  I've heard this over and over.  And it's such a shame because these events can be so valuable for expanding your customer base when done right!  You can get in front of a whole group of people you wouldn't have met otherwise, and not just any people, but people who are open to attending a vendor event aka people who are opening to making online purchases from strangers!

After talking to enough people who want to do vendor events and can't find good ones, I decided to put together this bootcamp to teach you how to run your own the right way!


The plan

Day 1

How to structure your event

We will start off by covering all the basic questions you probably have!  How long should the event be, should you charge a fee, how to have your vendors post, etc

Day 2

How to make your event successful

Things to do before and during the event to make it a success and something your guests actually like attending

Day 3

How to promote and grow your event

We will wrap up by talking about what to do after the event and how to make future rounds more and more successful

The details

The bootcamp will start on Tuesday November 9th.  It will be 3 days and be held inside a private Facebook group.  Each day will include a live video training and I will also be available for questions inside the Facebook group! 

I am aiming for 30 minutes for the 3 training days, but they may go a little longer since I will be doing them live!  Replays will be available for everything and you will keep access to the group after the bootcamp is over to review whenever you want!

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