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Work with me

Dino Squad Membership

-Work with me privately

-Get answers tailored specifically to you

-Short term coaching to find your direction


-Deep dive courses so you can really MASTER the subject

-Short focused workshops

-PDF Tools

-Have me audit your social media profiles

-Private FB group with access to me and a supportive community

-In depth trainings with action steps and homework, daily accountability, and group coaching through Zoom

-Ongoing support to help you navigate challenges as they come up with a focus on implementation

Join my free

facebook community

DINOmite Entrepreneurs is a community for people who want to grow a business online the right way!  We talk about branding, creating content that actually attracts people, networking, mindset, etc!

If you identify as nerdy. quirky or just think other online business groups are way too serious, you will love it here!

I go live in the group with a training every Tuesday morning, and on Friday mornings I do Free Coaching Fridays where I go live and answer your questions!

It is a really active group where you can make friends, ask questions, and get a free taste of my coaching! 


Pam W.

Megan Brewster is authentic and real as it gets! She is a natural coach and relates to each of her clients impeccably.

Her boot camps are some of the best I’ve ever done! She breaks the content down by topic and covers it so you can understand it and apply it right away. Oh and love that she gives play work after each lesson so I am accountable for taking what I learned and taking intentional action.

She knows her stuff! I highly recommend Megan to catapult your network marketing business to the next level!

Hi, I'm Megan!

If you want to grow a business on social media where your friends still like you, you've come to the right place!

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