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Facebook Group Challenge

Revamp your facebook group in a fun challenge format!  You will:

  • Know what to post and when to post it

  • Build community and engagement

  • Have a plan in place to consistently bring in new members

  • Feel excited about your group again


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are burnt out trying to come up with what to post in your group every week

  • Your group feels like a ghost town because your members don't engage with what you post

  • You've tried asking what they want to see more of in the group and got crickets

  • Your group growth is stagnant and you aren't sure how to get more people to join

  • You aren't seeing any benefits to your business from having the group and you're starting to wonder if it is worth it

What if?

  • You had a plan in place and knew exactly what to post and when

  • Your members started engaging and the group felt like a real community, not just you posting and getting nothing in return

  • Your members started telling you how much they enjoy your group and even started telling their friends about it

  • Your group starts consistently growing with new people who are excited to be there


The Details


The challenge starts Monday, December 12th and will last for 5 days.  It will take place inside a private Facebook group.

Each morning there will be a live video training (with replays available).  Then you will be given one or more tasks for the day that you need to complete for points.  There will be a post in the group where you will check in when you have completed your tasks.  You will also be able to ask any questions you have!

Here is the training plan:

  • Day 1: Your group's mission

  • Day 2: Your group's value for the members

  • Day 3: Your content plan

  • Day 4: Building community and increasing engagement

  • Day 5: Your growth plan to consistently bring in new members

Each day you will also get a suggested post to make in your group and you will get points for engaging with other challenger's posts.

You will walk away excited about your group again and knowing what to post, how to engage your members, and how to grow your group!  One person who completes the challenge will also win a month in my membership, The DINOmite Squad!

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