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Get Your Products In Your Feed
21 Day Challenge 

  • 21 days of post and video prompts (with photo prompts included, too!) designed to get you comfortable posting about what you sell publicly without feeling like you need to hide in a group

  • This is not just for people who sell physical products!  It will also work for services, memberships, digital products, etc.

  • Learn to talk about what you sell in different ways so that it doesn't get repetitive or annoying for your audience and get comfortable posting about your business more often

  • There will be a strong emphasis on video content!  Reels are suggested but you can also go live 

I asked inside of my Facebook group today "If I told you that you should be posting about what you sell more often (probably A LOT more often) how does that make you feel?" and there are 2 main themes that emerged in the responses:

  • Worried about being spammy and annoying people

  • Needing help knowing what to say

It's interesting to me how so many of us have equated being spammy with posting about your business too often.  I did the same thing all those years ago when I realized I had been really spammy and started learning how to do better.  But if you are here it's probably not because you find me spammy and I talk about my business in nearly every post I make!  And I bet you follow other people who sell in one way or another, whether directly or more subtly every day and you don't find them spammy.


That's because it's not about how often you post, it's about what you are posting!  


There are people who don't post about their business often but are still spammy and there are people who post all the time and aren't spammy.  I designed this challenge to teach you different ways to make posts that won't annoy people

This challenge is going to push you out of your comfort zone and get you talking about your business more than you are probably used to.  Not every day, but almost.  That's on purpose!  If you make it through these 21 days you will feel so much more confident and comfortable posting about your business!  And with algorithms the way they are today, it is necessary to post more than you think!

We are also going to get you comfortable sharing about your business on camera and ideally using Reels (but you can go live if Reels just aren't your thing) and understanding how to use them to sell!


What you can expect

The challenge will start Wednesday, September 13th and will take place in a private Facebook group.  Before the challenge starts you will be given the full list of photos and videos so that you can take as many of them as you want up front and get that part out of the way before we even officially start!

You will be given a daily prompt to write a post or do a video (ideally a Reel but could also be a live video)


  The prompt will go up the night before to make sure you have enough time to write your post or get your Reel edited and ready to go

I will be doing a bonus training before the challenge starts to teach you about understanding your ideal client and what "value" you can offer and a post with important Do's and Don'ts for sales posts

And I will also be doing a bonus content review session where I will go live and give honest feedback on posts you can submit so that you can understand what is working and what isn't

You get one "grace day" where it is ok to miss a day and still complete the challenge!  So you will have 22 days to do 21 posts because life happens

Everyone who completes all 21 posts on time will be entered to win prizes, including a month in my membership and voice message coaching time! 

Are you ready to take on the challenge and get what you sell in your feed?
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