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DINOmite online vendor events

A bootcamp where you learn how to stand out and grow your business using online vendor events!

It seems like more and more online vendor events pop up every day!

 And for a good reason!  They can be an amazing tool to help you grow your business!  They put you in front of people who you would have never met, and not just any people, but people who chose to say yes to a vendor event meaning they are open to buying!

But on the other hand, with so many vendors are vying for sales in the same group, it can be really easy to get lost in the noise and put in a lot of work for zero benefit!

This bootcamp will teach you how to make online vendor events worth your time!


The plan

Day 1

What to do before the event

We will talk about how to choose which events to sign up for and which to pass on, setting expectations and getting your mindset right, and how to prepare for the event (please note we will not be extensively covering how to find events to join)

Day 2

What to do during the event

We will cover what to post to stand out from the other vendors, how to make connections and increase engagement, and some common mistakes to avoid

Day 3

What to do after the event

We will cover follow up, ways to connect with people outside the event, and the big picture of what these events can do for your business

And a bonus!

But wait, there's more!

Couldn't resist my best Billy Mays, but for real this bonus is awesome!  

I interviewed my friend Christina Thompson who absolutely crushes it with vendor events!  She was 10th in sales in the entire US for her company last month and vendor events are the main way she does it!  I'm so excited to pick her brain about what is working for her and I know you will walk away inspired and with a lot of ideas!

The details

The bootcamp is 3 days plus the 4th day with the bonus interview with Christina!

Everything is recorded inside a private Facebook group and arranged in the Guides of the group.  I will also be available for questions inside the Facebook group! 

You will keep access to the group to review whenever you want!

This Bootcamp is normally $29!
Save 30% and get it for $20!
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